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Gather ye rosebuds


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Sold Out

This ramshackle, derelict, collapsing corrugated iron outhouse (the quintessential Australian dunny) is a metaphor for the process of entropy of all things. As the poet Robert Herrick expressed it :”Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is fast a’flying”. It serves as a Memento mori – a personal reminder to live life to the full every day as the future leads to the inevitable.

Made of very fine porcelain sheets, the structure shows the ravages of time wrought through the blast of the kiln.

It creates a  rather handsome,  somewhat mysterious, and totally unique  statement and can be used  to house a candle, where the translucence of the thin porcelain complements the splits and warps .

    • mm (w) x mm (d) x mm (h)
    • g

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